"I have been looking for a product like this for a long time. It works GREAT!"
- Jon Calland
"I have used EZ Shield on my cars at the race track for some time now. It protects my cars' finish and stays on at high speeds. I highly recommend EZ shield."
- Bill Kemp
"This film has saved my RV's paint, and always comes off without leaving any residue."
- Fred Costigan
"This tempotary film works just as it's advertised. It has saved my car's paint more times than I can count."
- Matt Grimes

EZ Shield Paint Protector™ - Car Paint Protection Film

Resilient, temporary paint protection films for your car, truck, motorcycle and RV have become the new standard of excellence. While there are many products on the market, there is only one EZ Shield Paint Protector.

Only EZ Shield Paint Protector uses the latest polymer combinations and temporary adhesives to provide the best protection for your vehicle. Stone chips, scratches, acid from bugs, debris, dirt and grime are all things of the past. Our environmentally friendly product is easy to apply, use and remove.

EZ Shield Paint Protector will never damage your paint or leave a sticky residue behind. Better yet, get multiple uses out of each application, making our product the best on the market in terms of quality and price.

Simply apply EZ Shield Paint Protector to your car before a road trip; let it take the beating and keep your paint looking new. When you arrive, simply peel the clear film off, taking insects and splatters with it. Try yours today and choose the size that's right for you (above).

Stop chipping away at your clear coat by driving without protection; and forget about vinyl / leather car bras which end up causing more damage than they prevent. Only EZ Shield Paint Protector provides the barrier your vehicle needs to safeguard against the harsh environment it faces on a daily basis. Check out our photo gallery of satisfied customers and order yours today!