Paint Protection Film

EZ Shield Temporary Paint Protector offers consumers a universal way to keep vehicles free from bugs and grime.
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A common concern of new vehicle owners, or those who recently had their vehicle painted, is how to keep the new paint looking good for years to come. Temporary paint protection film is one of the latest products to hit the online automotive marketplace. Although, sheet and rolls of clear protective coverings have been around for years, most were difficult to work with and often required a professional installation. Only recently has a truly affordable, easy-to-use, temporary product been marketed to the masses.

Today, film technology is a viable solution for paint protection and EZ Shield is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for the temporary protection of any vehicle's outer surface. Quality auto car wax products may make your paint job sparkle but they offer very little protection from things like dirt, sand, salt and other projectiles. EZ Shield temporary paint protection is easy to apply and can be left on for up to 3 weeks. Just make sure the area you are applying the film to is clean and you can have your favorite ride covered in minutes.

Regardless of the area of the country you live in, there is always going to be that time of year when road grime builds up on the highways or there is a sudden increase in the local bug population. When you choose EZ Shield, you never have to be caught off guard. Simply stick a box under the seat or in the trunk and you can apply a clear protective coat to your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or RV as an instant paint protector from unexpected bugs or road grime. Paint protection film can also be applied to non-painted parts of your vehicle. It's temporary and will make cleanup easier and faster.

Temporary Film is a Better Solution

In recent years, custom paint protection film shops have become increasingly popular as savvy car owners have looked for ways to retain the most value possible in their investment. After all, next to our home, our automobile or truck is likely the most expensive property that we own. Although manufacturers of these laser-cut sheets of clear film say that anyone with a little patience can apply their product, the truth is the best results will always be obtained by paying for a professional installation.

Most do-it-yourself paint protection film installers simply lack the skill and facilities required for a flawless permanent application of protective film. Professional shops and service centers have a dedicated space or special room where they can apply the clear protective layer of film in a very clean environment. This can be critical as the smallest amount of surface dust, dirt or pollen when the film is applied can be permanently trapped just below the outer layer. When you choose EZ Shield paint protection film, you simply peel off the unwanted layer and reapply.

Clear Car Bra

Two decades ago, an extra layer of clear coat over a vehicle's paint job was the rage for protecting the front end and lower side panels of more expensive cars and trucks. Manufacturers touted clear-coat paint as the beginning of the end to surface damage caused by road debris. The added finish was suppose to keep cars and trucks looking new year after year. The problem was that when the clear coat got scratched, it looked almost as bad as a damaged paint job and extensive clear coat repairs were just as expensive as repairing the paint itself.

Although an extra coat of clear paint offered some degree of protection, it didn't come close to solving most motorist's paint protection problems. On the other hand, clear car bra paint protection film is a non-permanent urethane skin that can be applied to any painted surfaces of a new or used vehicle to protect your car's paint from minor abrasions caused by road debris, salt, sludge and bug splatters, especially those annoying "love bugs". You can also just as easily create a clear car bra for you RV, motorcycle, snowmobile or jet ski. EZ Shield paint protection goes on clear and comes off easy.

"I have been looking for a product like this for a long time. It works GREAT!"
- Jon Calland